Everyone who sees or needs a doctor quite regularly should own a copy of this book. This compact guidebook for medical care could be a life-changer and a life-saver.  By Donald Reinhardt

The Take-Charge Patient is a book that grew out of the Martine Ehrenclou’s personal need for medical advice and treatment that was not forthcoming in her early doctor visits. After 16 months of multiple doctor visits, a true and valid diagnosis was found and treatment was secured that worked. This search for help and pain-relief took many months, many doctors and much research, investigation and soul-searching to get to that endpoint. In The Take-Charge Patient the author shares how to deal with medical issues, doctors and other personnel to reach the best outcome possible. All who read and heed her advice will benefit from the insights, guidelines and wisdom of this book published by Lemon Grove Press, LLC, Santa Monica, CA. ISBN 978-0-9815240-3-0.

Medical errors and problems are an important section and are covered in Chapter 11 in a thorough and organized way. In Chapter 12 the management of medical errors is discussed. Chapter 13 deals with how to research your medical circumstances and condition and all available or possible useful treatments. In Chapter 14 the author covers discounted medical care, treatments and medications which is a very useful and helpful guide; chapter 15 deals with a patient’s Health Insurance Plan, if they have one. Chapter 16 moves the reader into serious illnesses and chronic medical conditions and the importance of a personal advocate and helper, support groups, specialists and treatments and alternatives. The tests, procedures and surgeries involved with medical conditions is reviewed in depth in Chapter 17 and this is soon followed by important facts and concepts associated with the hospital in Chapter 18. Chapter 19 reviews and explains urgent care centers, retail medical clinics and the emergency room. The Prevention Chapter number 20 is invaluable because “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as that old adage reminds us all. This chapter covers aspects of breast, colorectal and prostate cancers, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and weight issues, osteoporosis and immunization.

Chapter 21 discusses the value of religious professionals for patients and Chapter 22 reintroduces the patient to the advocate role and rules. Concierge doctors was a new concept for me and these patient-centered care doctors are an important arm and hand of current medical care as discussed in Chapter 23. Chapter 24 discusses the value of telemedicine and telehealth in the large and narrower picture of health care and finally Chapter 25 concludes the book as the final chapter with a review and insights into important medical legal health documents.

As stated earlier, The Take-Charge Patient is an important and worthwhile book for anyone and everyone who wants to advocate their personal best health. This is a book all should have and keep as a reference. The book should be read completely and is clear, insightful and well-focused on all the important matters. I think nothing else like this is available anywhere else. One small investment in this book could yield dividends of a thousand-fold or more.

What outcomes should one expect after studying The Take-Charge Patient?

In life it is a combination of different factors which all add up to make for a more complete and fulfilled life. To make for the best possible life it is important to strive for better or improved health as a regular goal. In my opinion this book will provide:

  • workable and fruitful ideas and plans for the patient to improve their communications and interactions with the people in the health care system
  • important guidelines to help any patient manage their health better
  • organization strategies to clarify past and current medical conditions
  • mechanisms and pathways for obtaining improved medical care in the management of one’s personal health
  • sense of satisfaction and confidence that more and better things can and will be done for one’s personal health

Here’s to better health for us all, but most all for anyone who needs help now – may you have all of what you need for improved health very soon.


Ehrenclou, Martine. 2012. The Take-Charge Patient, Lemon Grove Press, LLC, Santa Monica, Ca. ISBN 978-0-9815240-3-0.

Copyright Donald Reinhardt