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TIME magazine, Money section, interviewed Martine for article:
13 Smart Ways to Cut High Drug Costs
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Good Day Dallas FOX4 Interviews Martine Ehrenclou about her new book, The Take-Charge Patient
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As seen on NBC New York Nightly News at 7 pm with Chuck Scarborough

As seen on San Diego 6 News

How to Talk to Doctors When They Don’t Listen by Camille Peri

It’s important that your doctor values and respects you as a patient by listening to you,” says Martine Ehrenclou, author of The Take-Charge Patient: How You Can Get the Best Medical Care. “Your relationship with your doctor is really the cornerstone of good health care.”
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Tips for a Successful Doctor Visit by Camille Peri
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It’s National Women’s Checkup Day: 6 Secrets to Getting the Best Medical Care
By Kelly Rouba
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Prevention Magazine, Australia – Interview of Martine Ehrenclou

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Martine is interviewed on Prevention

ABC News
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7 Steps to Picking the best Pediatrician
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Survive a Stint in the Hospital
These three tips will help you avoid a medical mixup

By Abigail L. Cuffey

You’ve heard the horror stories about medication mixups and exposure to serious infections. Martine Ehrenclou, author of Critical Conditions: The Essential Hospital Guide to Get Your Loved One Out Alive, tells you how not to become one of them.

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Family Circle Magazine
“To be on the safe side, make sure you and those you care about follow the safety tips from Martine Ehrenclou’s Critical Conditions.”

Critical Nursing See the inside page here.

Need a New Doctor? 19 Must-Ask Questions
Adapted from The Take-Charge Patient by Martine Ehrenclou, here are vital questions to ask before picking a new MD.

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KevinMD publishes two excerpts from The Take Charge Patient

Communicate and strengthen your relationship
with your doctor

Your relationship with your doctor is an important one that can last for many years. It is a partnership. You and your doctor collaborate to maintain your good health and to treat any medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that occur. A good doctor-patient relationship includes mutual trust, respect and good communication.
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Tips to maximize the relationship with your doctor

Here are a few suggestions that will help you make the most of your relationship with your doctor. They are for your benefit as a patient, because the more you know, the more empowered you will feel.
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Special Book Excerpt From The Take-Charge Patient (Part 1 of 4)
Part 1: Getting an Advocate
Part 2: Creating a Support System When You’ve Been Given a Serious Diagnosis
Part 3: Find the Right Specialist For You
part 4: How to Decide on a Treatment Plan

Martine was interviewed for a feature on KABC Channel 7 called “Hernias in women often overlooked, misdiagnosed”. See article with the Video.

Martine was interviewed for a feature on DailyNews called “Hidden hernias: Painful holes in muscle are often misdiagnosed or overlooked in women.
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Martine was interviewed for a feature on Press-Telegram call “Author used her own ‘take charge’ method to help discover hernia problem”.

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Press for Critical Conditions,
Martine’s award-winning first book.

Critical Conditions: The Essential Hospital Guide To Get Your Loved One Out Alive won 15 book awards.

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