Communicate and strengthen your relationship with your doctor

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An excerpt from The Take-Charge Patient: How You Can Get The Best Medical Care (Lemon Grove Press) which will be released May 15, 2012. 

Your Relationship with Your Doctor

“A good relationship with your physician can lead to better medical care.”

-Zouhdi A. Hajjaj, MD, internal Medicine, Yarmouthport, MA

Your relationship with your doctor is an important one that can last for many years. It is a partnership. You and your doctor collaborate to maintain your good health and to treat any medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that occur. A good doctor-patient relationship includes mutual trust, respect and good communication.


Communication is one of the major components of a good relationship with your doctor. If you and your doctor don’t communicate well this increases the probability for medical errors, erodes trust, and can ultimately compromise your medical care.

Good communication means that you and your doctor work as a team.

Good communication includes: Read more here